Pentaho Related Projects

  • Saiku : A community alternative olap viewer initiated by Tom Barber.

  • Mantle : Alternative BI-Server Preconfigured installation (PCI) that is now incorporated into Pentaho BI-Server 2.0.
  • Pentaho Flash Charts : Pentaho Component for Displaying Flash based Charts/Visualizations.
  • JDBC Kettle : JDBC Driver interface to Kettle Transformations / Jobs.
  • Halogen : olap4j based cube slicer/dicer visualizer written in gwt.
  • Pentaho CDF : Community Dashboard Framework for the Pentaho BI Platform.
  • Pentaho Action Editor : Pentaho Action Editor in GWT.
  • Pentaho Action Sequence DOM 4 GWT : This project modifies Pentaho's Action Sequence DOM so that it may compile within GWT.