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Configure BI 3.0 UI (Mantle)

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Example : Hiding Main Toolbar

  • Shut down your BI Server if it is running
  • Goto your Pentaho web library folder : [BI Server]/tomcat/webapps/pentaho/WEB-INF/lib
  • Find and unzip mantle-3.0.0-STABLE.jar using 7-zip

  • Navigate to /org/pentaho/mantle/server/ directory inside of the jar archive and find file

  • Right click the file to bring up contextual menu and choose edit

  • In the editor shown change show-main-toolbar setting to false

  • Close the editor
  • Click Yes and OK subsequently for the following dialogs that shown up

  • Close 7-Zip
  • Start your BI Server
  • Logon and you should see result simillar like below. A Console without a toolbar menu. (Click on the picture to show enlarged view)

  • Finish